Eclectic’s involvement in the 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race


After 7 successful years of racing the Dehler 44SQ NED7777 we sold her to a new team with ambitious plans for the next campaign Moving Intelligence Sailing Team.

This provided room for new initiatives such as the sponsoring of Team Sailing Holland a.k.a. Team Brunel and in particular our favorite sailor and long standing Eclectic crew member Gerd-Jan Poortman . The Volvo Ocean race 2014-15 offered a great platform to continue our involvement with extreme sailing.

Check out our Youtube channel ‘Eclectic Journal’ to see some unique footage of the race and particularly the real people behind it: Eclectic Journal VOR 2014-15 a series of 10 short impressions about the race through the eyes of the key players Gerd-Jan, Skipper Bouwe Bekking, Coach Anje-Marijcke van Boxtel, technical director Gideon Messink, Financial Director Hein Brand


Brunel returning home to Ijmuiden

More race action on the VO65 for Eclectic is planned for late 2015 in the ARC Rally Transatlantic

One comment

  1. Hee, leuk Koen, je gaat voor het grotere werk . . veel respect. Ik heb het team altijd wel gevolgd en zal jou zonder enige twijfel op een zeil tegenkomen. Succes ermee en mogelijk tot ziens. ( ik ben weer terug in Breda) Het zijn leuke herinneringen. Groet Bart

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